FlytWare for Warehouse Inventory Audits

Date-wise and location-wise aerially scanned images for inventory audit requirements and to meet 3PL service level agreements.


Inventory Audit Operations

Internal inventory audits help track inventory accuracy, minimize stockouts, avoid spoilage, improve utilization, prevent fraud, and stop pilferage.


Essential for listed companies as part of quarterly and annual financial reports.


Required as part of customer SLAs for Third Party Logistics service providers.

Quality Control

Core component of best-in-class warehouses inventory operations.


Inventory Audit Challenges

Increased consumer demand, accelerated by e-commerce, has resulted in higher velocity of goods in and out of warehouses and distribution centers. This has compelled companies to conduct inventory audits at a higher frequency to estimate the value of warehoused inventory in near real-time.

Frequent Audits

Inventory audits that were conducted once a year are now carried out at least once every quarter, even once a week.

Time Consuming

Conducting such frequent audits manually is time-consuming and expensive, reduces efficiency and is prone to human errors.

Less Down-time

With warehouses operating 24×7, it is difficult to conduct inventory scans without impacting operational metrics.


Autonomous Drones For Inventory Audits

Frequent Counts

With automated drones providing increased speed and accuracy, the inventory scans can be done at a higher frequency.

WMS Integration

Compare drone data with WMS data for comprehensive, real-time variance analysis & exception reporting.


Save precious man-hours spent by letting autonomous drones do the work during off-hours.

Image/Video Proof

Use rich inventory data for internal & external audits, share over private networks & store on secure public & private cloud.


The FlytWare Advantage

Fully Autonomous

End-to-end automated inventory scans that save precious time and reduce cost.

Image Proofs

Get live video feeds, bay-wise and date-wise images that can be used for audit purpose.


Seamless, scalable, and secure integration with Warehouse Management Systems or ERP systems.

Operator Friendly

No reliance on trained personnel or expensive equipment for inventory operations.