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Warehouses are actively adopting drones for cycle counting inventory stored in rack-pallet configuration, to realize business value from faster & more accurate cycle counts, savings on labor costs, and reduction in safety incidents.

Warehouse owner-operators typically travel the journey of drone automation by starting with a proof-of-concept (PoC) engagement to validate the technology. The program then matures to a site-wide pilot to establish the business case and create plans to incorporate drones into strategic and tactical corporate initiatives. Finally, inventory management using autonomous drones is rolled out across all warehouses; such production deployments can happen within months of a successful PoC for motivated enterprises.

FlytWare infographics

FlytWare PoC Workflow

To help warehouse managers quickly start this journey of digital transformation, FlytBase now offers a cost-effective, 2-week PoC engagement, with two objectives:

  1. Successfully demonstrate indoor autonomous navigation by flying a drone in an aisle at various height levels.
  2. Successfully demonstrate the interpretation of captured images & video by mapping pallets to locations using barcodes.

The PoC deployment is powered by capabilities ranging from indoor autonomous navigation in GPS-denied environments, obstacle avoidance and precision landing to AI/ML-based barcode recognition, highly reliable drone hardware and seamless integration with existing WMS. Once in production, the solution is flexible enough to be expanded to use-cases such as item search, empty/full slot detection, inventory audits and eventually even rooftop inspection and perimeter security.

Drone automation for warehouse

FlytWare integration with existing business workflow.

Warehouse managers, system integrators, domain consultants, supply chain drone service providers and innovation executives can quickly see, first-hand, how autonomous drones safely, seamlessly, quickly do aerial inventory counts. FlytWare’s ability to scale across aisles, across warehouses, and across inventory management use-cases is centered around the combination of intelligent software and reliable, off-the-shelf hardware.

Nitin Gupta, FlytBase CEO, commented, “With FlytWare now accessible via a PoC engagement, warehouse owner-operators can accelerate their journey to warehouse automation by adopting our aerial inventory management solution for scanning items tagged with barcodes and stored in rack-pallet storage.”

“Designed as a 2-week deployment, the PoC package helps stakeholders gain confidence in the technology, establish new benchmarks for inventory counting metrics, and build the business case for maturing to pilot programs and production deployments.”

Quickly start your journey of autonomous aerial inventory counts by deploying drones at your warehouse – our PoC package can be customized and deployed in a matter of days. Schedule a Demo Now.

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