Digital Twins in Warehousing

FlytBase hosted a free webinar to discuss how supply chain managers can drive the real-time visibility of warehoused inventory and thus improve operational efficiencies of pallet picks & put-aways, inventory replenishment, and cycle counts.

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Digital Twins, an Industry 4.0 innovation, can have a significant impact on the design, operation, and optimization of logistics infrastructure such as large distribution centers. They are being rapidly adopted by warehouse stakeholders for:

Demand & Supply Forecasting
Real-Time Performance Tracking
Autonomous Inventory Counts
Automating Purchase Orders

Coupled with powerful modeling capabilities, digital twins can allow supply chains to leverage real-time data to optimize operations via analytics-driven decisions.

Team FlytWare will discuss the concept of Digital Twins for Warehouses, with an overview of the technologies involved and how they can create business value across the supply chain ecosystem.


Will Stavanja
Director of Customer Success, FlytWare


Business Development, FlytWare


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