Autonomous Inventory Drones in Very Narrow Aisles

FlytBase hosted a free webinar to explore how autonomous drones are being deployed to count inventory at large warehouses and distribution centers – especially those with Very Narrow Aisles (VNAs).


E-commerce trends like same-day delivery, fast fashion, and fast-moving inventory have created a demand for storage spaces near urban areas. This has made space utilization a key business driver at large distribution centers and warehouses. To increase the inventory density, warehouse stakeholders have started adopting VNA racking. VNAs can be as narrow as 5 feet and store up to 50% more product in the same footprint. While VNAs reduce unnecessary aisle space:

  • They require expensive swing-reach trucks to access the pallet inventory.
  • Using such MHEs for counting inventory manually is inefficient and expensive.
  • Counting one-deep cases/cartons stored in VNAs is time consuming.

Inventory counts in VNAs can be automated via a fleet of autonomous inventory drones. Aerial inventory scans in VNAs are resulting in business benefits for warehouse operators. These include:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Better worker safety
  • Fast, frequent inventory counts

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    David Altemir
    Altemir Consulting

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    Chief Business Officer

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