Inventory Management Using Drones

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Request your invitation for a complete overview of how fully autonomous drones are being used inside warehouses to conduct inventory management tasks, and learn more about how the data collected can transform warehouse operations.

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4th March, 2021
11:00 AM CST
17:00 GMT


As consumer demand continues to increase, warehouse operational efficiencies are more critical than even to:

Decrease lost inventory
Identify the condition of your customer’s goods
Ensure that purchase orders are in place for empty bin locations

Picture how great it would be for your operation managers to walk into their shifts in the morning and have all of the necessary data needed to effectively operate on-schedule, while your scheduling team gathers historical data useful to enhance inventory and labor forecasting. Well, picture no more because fully autonomous drones can collect the necessary data to enhance your warehouse operations right now.

Join the FlytWare team in this webinar, where they will provide a walk-through of the FlytWare software platform, and share more about how it is used to automate drones and collect data inside warehouses using machine learning technology. This webinar is by invitation only, so secure your seat today.


Will Stavanja
Director of Customer Success, FlytWare


Meet Shah
Business Development, FlytWare