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FlytBase is glad to share the highlights of our partnership with Wilstair LLC, a leading provider of commercial drone integration services, headquartered in North Carolina, USA. Wilstair uses their drone engineering expertise and customer insights to source and implement optimal drone solutions for enterprise stakeholders. With a focus on open (API/SDK-based) software and commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware, the FlytBase and Wilstair relationship is designed to maximize the business value of autonomous drone fleets for our clients.

At AUVSI Xponential 2019 in Chicago, Will Stavanja (Founder & Lead Consultant at Wilstair) shared his experience in deploying drone-based inventory search and counting solutions at warehouses and distribution centers across the USA. As a drone-focused system integrator, Wilstair continues to evangelize the use of aerial robotics for cycle counting in indoor facilities – with a focus on solving customers’ pain points w.r.t. long shutdowns, expenditure on employee overtime, and safety risks associated with hard-to-reach locations. Watch the video below to learn more:

Partnership Helps Warehouse Owner-Operators Adopt Drones

Will S. points out that while inventory search & scanning is an age-old activity, the use of drones that can navigate indoors, without GPS, is quite new to the logistics industry. The key to success is the use of reliable, affordable, fully autonomous drones. In fact, by using image recognition, the FlytBase’s solution obviates the need for barcode and RFID scanners, thus improving the cost-effectiveness and scalability of warehouse drone programs. Warehouse owner-operators can thus realize immediate business value in the form of cost savings, safety improvements, faster cycle counts, briefer shut-downs and better use of human resources.

With APIs to support seamless integration with WMS and capabilities such as fleet management, obstacle avoidance, precision landing and autonomous charging, Wilstair is convinced about the business benefits of the FlytBase solution.  Yet, Will is careful to point out that drones are just one tool, and cannot solve all inventory-related problems faced in the supply chain ecosystem. Thus, it is the early adopters at warehouses and distribution centers that are exploring the use of autonomous drone fleets for inventory management, item search, empty/full slot detection, perimeter security, rooftop inspection and other use-cases in their facilities.

Partnership with FlytBase

Partnerships of such nature continue to be the key to driving drone adoption in the supply chain and logistics sector. Given the evolving nature of drone technology, and the regulatory implications of unmanned aerial vehicles, there is a significant opportunity for domain consultants, subject matter experts and drone professionals to influence buying behaviors. As a technology and sector-focused system integrator, Wilstair’s customers rely on the company to understand their pain points, identify the ideal drone automation solution, help enter into PoC and pilot engagements, and service them during production deployments.

In recognition of the critical role of partners such as Wilstair, in the warehouse, FlytBase is developing a partner program to collaborate with drone-focused SIs who wish to bring cutting-edge automation solutions to the warehouse industry.

The ‘Drone Automation For Warehouse 4.0’ white paper is out and can be downloaded (no sign-up required) from

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