FlytWare for Single-deep Case & Pallet Reserves

Automatically scan front-facing barcodes on inventory stored in one-deep case and pallet reserves.


Advantages of one-deep Case & Pallet Reserves

Single-deep case or pallet racking in a large warehouse or distribution center makes it easier to access the stock for storage and fulfillment operations.


Single-deep racks are cheaper compared to multi-deep ones.


Stock is easily visible for inventory counting and audit purposes.


Easy access to the inventory without the need to shuffle pallets.


Challenges with Inventory Counting in Pallet Reserve

Pallet reserves are very sturdy and thus allow goods of all types to be stored, heavy or otherwise. These systems have several racks, one over the other, thus providing 3D storage space without taking up too much floor space.

Operator training

Needs trained personnel to handle the material handling equipment (MHE) for stocktaking.


The amortization cost of the MHE and the labor cost increases the cost of inventory operations.


A spotter may be required near the forklift to feed continuous information to the operator.


Challenges with Inventory Counting in Case Reserve

One-deep case reserve storage consumes a fair amount of effort to maintain but pays off well if frequent cycle counts of single-deep items are a business priority.


Autonomous Drones For Counting Inventory

Aerial inventory scans of front-facing barcodes on one-deep pallet or case reserves is now possible using a fleet of reliable, off-the-shelf drones.


Save time and meet the intended cycle count frequency by deploying autonomous drones during down-time.


Minimize human intervention throughout the inventory scanning process and thus reduce the risk of worker injury.


With the in-built high-resolution drone camera, every front-facing barcode is accurately captured and registered.

Minimum CapEx

Cost-effective reliable drones, quick deployment, easy-to-use dashboard, and short payback periods.


The FlytWare Advantage

Auditable Data

Location-wise, date-wise images of each LPN.

digital warehouse management

Operator Friendly

Easy to use FlytWare operator dashboard.

Fully Autonomous

End-to-end automation of aerial inventory scans.


Fast and frequent cycle counts using multiple drones.