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Autonomous Inventory Drones in Very Narrow Aisles

Explore how autonomous drones are being deployed to count inventory at large warehouses and distribution centers – especially those with very narrow aisles (VNAs). With multiple pilot deployments, our solution FlytWare has proven the feasibility and business value of inventory drones for VNA stock takes.

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FlytBase hosted a free webinar to discuss emerging trends in supply chain and logistics. Learn how innovative technologies are helping companies.

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FlytBase hosted a free webinar to discuss how supply chain managers can drive the real-time visibility of warehoused inventory.

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Upcoming Webinars

Date: 04 March 2021
Inventory Management using Drones: FlytWare Product Walk-through (Invite only)

Week of 22nd March 2021
Inventory Management Mistakes That Prove to be Costly for Warehouses

Week of 12th April 2021
Product Walkthrough: Advanced Features in FlytWare (Invite only)

Week of 26th April 2021
Autonomous Inventory Drones for Case Reserves

Week of 03rd May 2021
The Present and Future of Autonomous Inventory Drones

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Quickly start your journey of autonomous aerial inventory counts by deploying drones at your warehouse – our pilot deployment can be rolled out in a matter of days!

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